It all startTIM_6206ed when we saw a need for a service in the greater Cleveland community.  While there are companies in the area that can do powder coating, many of them don’t specialize in this specific service; we do.  We want to be a company that gives back to the community by offering our services at fair prices and having quality you can’t beat.  North Coast is passionate about what we do and we want to share this with you.

Our business functions on a different scale than most, meaning we can take the time to see a project through to the end and can monitor it’s progress a little more carefully.  This has made us particularly valuable in the medical industry because we have the means to take into account specific requirements that might be needed.  Attention to detail is something we think is important and we know you think it’s important too.

Automotive powder coating is also a big part of our clientele.  There are always a few fun cars parked oTIM_3575utside the shop.  We’ve all had moments where our wheels turned out to be the wrong color and thought about repainting them… well now you can.  Powder coating is one of the strongest paint bonds there is and you’re wheels will still polish up to that “day you bought them” shine with this process.  We’ve also been known to help do some custom paint schemes on motorcycle frames and parts.

All in all, we hope that we can be part of the project that you have.  There’s a few links at the bottom of this page that explain the powder coating process in case you need some more information.  We also have a Facebook, Twitter (links at the top of our site), and our site is being updated constantly.  Please contact us with any questions you might have about anything!